Could my chest pain/shortness of breath be due to a heart condition or anxiety? I am a 25 year old female with no other illness. I have extreme anxiety/ocd/hypochondria. In the past 2 weeks I've seen 3 doctors all for things I thought were serious and the

It . It seems that you know yourself pretty well. Anxiety and fear seems to be a real issue here. It seems that you are dancing around this issue. It needs to be addressed. You need to talk with your physician and possibly get a referral to a mental health profesional to help get to the bottom of this. If your anxiety issues are addressed, your physical complaints may resolve on there own. Best wishes.
You . You stated that you were treated with medication for severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and hypochondriasis but that you stopped these medications when you became pregnant. With the severity of your symptoms, i wonder why you did not restart your medications under the directions of your psychiatrist after your miscarriage. From what you have said, it is clear that you are going to continue to analyze and fret about any possible body symptoms until your disorders are under better control. Is there is a reason you are putting off getting back on your psychiatric medication ? Unless you want to continue the agony imposed by your anxiety, obsessive worry and health concerns, i strongly recommend that you get back in touch with your psychiatrist. It sounds like you are fretting about possible new diagnoses in lieu of treating the conditions that you are well documented to have. In answer to your main question; chest pressure/ pain and shortness of breath can occur as panic symptoms. However, i can not diagnose you and possible medical causes need to have been properly evaluated. I think you already know what you need to do next to feel better. Good luck.