Where can I get a review of my va medical record for an expert opinion if I received proper care? I was undergoing chemo therapy when I started having pains in my right leg. The va doctors were called into check, but found nothing wrong. A few days past a

It's . It's difficult to know whether there was a medical error in this case without going through the medical record in detail, but it certainly sounds suspicious. I think your best bet would be to contact an attorney and have him or her find the best medical expert to review your records.
I . I am very sorry to hear that your leg could not be saved. Normally, prior to transferring a patient from one hospital to another, there is not only a verbal exchange between providers, but also medical documents are provided to the receiving facility. Did your doctor at the private hospital comment on if your course of care appeared appropriate? You might ask that provider for information about obtaining a second opinion. I am not a lawyer. If you are considering possible legal action, you might wish to address this question to the avvo legal question site.