Do I have a concussion? Yesterday I was snowboarding in winter park colorado. I was extremely intoxicated (poor choice I know) and apparently I fell and hit my head. I was unconscious for a few minutes. Ski patrol gave us a sheet of head trauma informatio

Toxic concussion . Doctors see more injuries from snowboarding accidents than from any other ski sport. That fact alone should tell you not too snowboard while intoxicated. Follow-up with your doctor, get examined and report any symptoms. A brain ct or MRI may be warranted depending on the exam and symptoms.
A . A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that involves a bad headache, altered function or alertness and possibly unconsciousness. From what you describe, it sounds as though you likely have suffered from a concussion. Reasons to seek emergency care are: -vomiting -worsening headache -confusion -loss of consciousness -slurred speech -changes in behavior such as increasing irritability or fussiness -worsening coordination such as trouble walking or clumsiness -seizures -changes in pupils such as one larger than the other -lasting or recurrent dizziness -blood or fluid coming from the nose or ears - large bumps or bruises on areas other than the forehead recovery can take days, weeks or even months for some. A good rule of thumb is when in doubt, get it checked out! for more information on concussion see the website i attached below.