Lower back problem im a 39 yrs old male, with lower back pain. I threw it out a year ago, and the pain is unbearable on somedays. I have been wondering if a chiropracor is the best way to go or a orthopedic?

If . If you have intermittent back pain you could start with either. If you have other symptoms such as constant, worsening back pain, leg pain, numbness, tingling, bowel and bladder problems, weight loss, fevers, chills, night sweats, significant back injury or history of cancer, then you should start with primary care doctor, pain doctor or spine surgeon. If you do not get relief from the chiropractor then i would recommend seeing a medical doctor, preferably spine specialist.
Lower . Lower back pain is very common in adults and is one of the top three reasons people see a doctor in the United States. Before deciding on treatment its important to determine the source of the pain. Sources are numerous including but not limited to muscles, joints, discs, nerves, etc. The vast majority of the time the reason for pain is benign and treatable with non-operative measures. On rare occasions the pain is from a source that requires more invasive treatment or is dangerous if left untreated (or treated incorrectly). Non-operative measures include oral medications, physical therapy, activity modification, chiropractor, etc. What's most important is determine the source and rule out something that's dangerous or could get worse. I think its important to see your primary care physician or an orthopedist first to diagnose the source of pain and then decide on what treatment options are available to you.