Lumbar spinal fusion....6months ago...Having a lot of pain in my lower back into my buttocks, down my legs, and into my feet I had lumbar spinal fusion in july 11. I have been told the fusion has healed and doing well, however im in constant pain from my

Need to follow. Up with your surgeon.
You are almost 8. Months post op. Fusions can take up to a year to heal. However, there can be many other reasons for ongoing or new symptoms that can be dependent on your original diagnosis & the type of surgery done as well as its indications. Also, your medical condition and habits play a role such as being a smoker, diabetic, overweight, etc. Get a second opinion from a spine surgeon & bring all info.
Failed back. Get a myelogram, can assess fusion better than x rays and see if any nerves are compressed. Only negative is it is an invasive test (lumbar puncture) with low but inherent risks. Also google failed back syndrome, adjacent segment degeneration, and nonunion.
Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, this is a complex problem that cannot be answered in a few paragraphs, but here are some thoughts.... You need to have a second opinion by an orthopedic spine surgeon or neurosurgeon well versed in complex spinal surgery. Sometimes doctors have a hard time recognizing a problem. That could be for several reasons. First and foremost doctors are human. Although they may feel like they have done their best things can go wrong or not turn out as expected. Even though you have been told the fusion has healed (which certainly may be true) there must be a reason for your pain. Maybe your surgeon hasn't recognized the fusion hasn't healed. Have you had a ct scan to assess the fusion? Maybe the rods and screws are out of place. This could happen during surgery or even after surgery, and can be a source of pain, including buttock and leg pain if nerves are being irritated. Maybe your expectations for pain relief were beyond what surgery could provide for you. What was the initial reason for surgery? Is there any litigation involved? If you are still having the type of pain you describe six months after lumbar fusion surgery, it would be prudent to obtain another objective opinion.