I'm trying to conceive but my periods always move and I miss my ovulation;i had symptoms last week and now im spotting? All of the symptoms for ovulation last week. The calendar online says it was a week before. I eat healthy and exercise. What should I d

In . In any given month, a woman has a 15-25% of becoming pregnant and 90% of couples will get pregnant in the first year they try. A few things you can to do help is: - understand your menstrual cycle and have sex during your most fertile time (i attached a website that talks about this) - have more sex (if you don't have sex often, it makes it harder to become pregnant) - see your doctor for a yearly exam if you have not had one to make sure everything checks out if you are over 30, have an irregular cycle, or have been trying for more than a year, call your ob/gyne to discuss. They may want to do blood tests to assess your fertility. Good luck!