Severe back pain after fall? I had 3 compressed vertebrae in 2008 after an accident well about 2 weeks ago I fell walking out of a store and hit the pavement pretty hard on my knees and I think I may have a pinched nerve in my back or something because I

I. I am sorry your pain is so bad. It sounds like you injured your back again after falling. Back pain can originate from the bones, disks, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves in the back. Based on your description, you may have fractured another spinal vertebrae. Compression fractures of spine are very painful and are commonly aggravated by activity. They are more common in people who had previous spinal fractures from osteoporosis (this may or may not apply to you). Spinal fractures are diagnosed by x-ray, bone scan, ct and mri. Treatment of compression fractures ranges from rest, back brace, injection of plastic into the broken vertebrae (vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty) and surgery. I recommend you seeing spine surgeon for assessment and treatment of your pain. I hope you get quick pain relief.
The. The pain you're having may or may not be related to your history of back problems. It is also not something that can be diagnosed or treated over the internet. You really should see a doctor (primary care physician or orthopedist) who can take a full history and physical examination to determine the source of your pain.