I need to talk with a compassionate physican about severe chronic pain and drug addiction and how to get the care I need I was in a car that was struck by a train 12 yrs ago and I have many problems with my back now. I didn't become addicted to pain meds

Frustrating. Exhaust your non-narcotic options first, with nsaids, acetaminophen, topicals, neuroleptic, snri and a tca as appropriate. Most providers think an opioid meds will cause relapse, but truth is your under treated pain is much more dangerous. Cd history is often presumed drug seeking, but actually this means u r twice as likely to have chronic pain issue. Find someone trained in both cd&pain.
Pain management. My suggestion is to see a pain management expert who can address your chronic back pain and get you a treatment that works.
I. I do not practice in portsmouth, ohio - so I can not recommend any particular physicians there. However, you may wish to check the american chronic pain association on line and look under support groups to see what is in your area.