Will vaginal rejuvenation help reduce my incontinence? I'm 50 and I've had three children. I'm having more and more leaks after I urinate and during sex. I've done kegels for months, but don't seem to have any luck preventing these accidents. Is vaginal r

Generally not. Unless they are planning specific treatment for your bladder problems.
Mild . Mild incontinence is not uncommon after multiple pregnancies. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures in general enhance the external appearance of the labia or laxity of the vagina. Incontinence is due to urine escaping from the bladder into the urethra from increases in pressure; the normal urethra pathway can be permanently stretched from pregnancies, delivery, weight gain, or just aging. A urologist is the type of doctor to see to best address this concern. Don peterson, md cosmeticsurgicalarts.Com facebook.Com/donpetersonmd.