Is mesotherapy safe for young adults or teens? My 14 year-old daughter is self-conscious about cellulite she has on her legs and arms. Is mesotherapy a safe option for her? Has the procedure been tested on people of this age group? .

Mesotherapy . Mesotherapy has been under investigation by the american society of plastic surgeons for several years. Despite this, there remains a lack of clinical evidence that the procedure is safe and effective for cellulite or fat removal. Mesotherapy involves injecting a mixture of chemicals under the skin.Known side effects include: allergic reaction, skin ulceration, scarring and infection. The process is not standardized and the procedure is not approved by the fda for any purpose.
Mesotherapy: . Mesotherapy: too good to be true? Maybe. While the promises of mesotherapy are seductive the therapeutic guidelines and treatment protocols have yet to be standardized. One of the most popular agents in brazil was temporarily banned due to a high reported rate of complications. There are a variety of products currently under investigation in fda clinical trials and we should have some options available in 2-3 years that are approved with well established regimens. I would advise holding off for now. Non invasive interventions such as endermologie may provide effective albeit temporary results with a low complication rate.