I've taken seasonique for 4+ years and am suddenly experiencing brown discharge (past 7 days). Is this normal? I occasionally experience mild break through bleeding when I don't take my pill right on time (if I'm a few hours late), but it has never been a

It . It is common to have some spotting between periods for the first 3-4 months after you start a birth control pill. You may also have spotting if you miss a pill or take a pill late. If none of these is true for you (since you've been on seasonique 4+ years), and you are just having light spotting, it is unlikely anything dangerous. Some women will spot occasionally while on birth control pills and the reason is largely unknown. If you are having heavy bleeding, you should give your doctor a call. If you have not missed a pill, then there is a 98% chance that you are not pregnant - which are pretty good odds.