Can I transfer bacterial vaginosis to my boyfriend through intercourse? I was fiagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and have recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend.

No, . No, you cannot transmit bacterial vaginosis to your boyfriend. Fortunately (unfortunately) it is only something women can get. The most common reason for bad smelling discharge in a woman in a monogamous relationship is bacterial vaginosis (bv). Bv is not a sexually transmitted disease, but is an imbalance between the "good" and "bad" bacterial that normally live in the vagina. Douching and having sex can put you at risk since both activities cause a change in the vaginal environment leading to an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria. Many women will complain of a fishy odor, increased discharge and a few may even have itching and discomfort. Doctors can test your vaginal discharge to know for certain whether you have it or not. Bv is typically treated with a short course of antibiotics. You probably shouldn't have sex while being treated for BV because it can re-introduce the "bad" bacteria you are trying to get rid of and disrupt the growth of the "good" bacteria. If you must have sex, have your partner wear a condom to reduce the chance of re-infection.
I . I agree with laura mccullen s answer-she has appropriately framed the answer to this question you cannot transmit it but it should be treated and avoid intercourse until it is resolved.