Is my finger dislocated? Lately I have been having pain in my thumb and it will pop when I bend it I can not remember hitting it on anything. At times my finger will not pop when I bend it but the pain is still there help!

Popping, . Popping, clicking and locking is usually from a trigger finger or in this case a trigger thumb. The tendon that moves the thumb is held inlace by pulleys or slings of thick tissue that hold the thumb down against the bone so that when you bend your thumb the tendon does not "bowstring" out away for the thumb surface. Think of belt lops on pants or the eyelets on a fishing pole that guide the fishing line and keep it in place. The tendon can get inflamed form wear and tear, injury, or just because it can. The pulley can get a little less flexible and take on stiffer characteristics when these factors get to a certain point the tendon may then not glide as well as it ionce did and you get triggering the range of symptoms can be pain , pain with a little click, no pain with a lot of click , even a t times locked down and not moving at all early morning or may be worse. A lot of times once you get going int he am the symptoms go away a hand surgeon will generally try to inject a trigger finger with corticosteroid to reduce the swelling. Splinting may not work in that the finger may get stiffer but for thumbs in those who do a lot of hand intensive daytime activity, a soft neoprene guard or splint that is flexible may help get through the day if conservative treatment does not work a surgical release may be offered. The assh has a good brochure on this problem ( see below).