I have a pimple right at the beginning of my nostril and it really hurts. I have had this problem twice before.

Your . Your question provides the opportunity to address painful pimples or similar lesions on the nose. Some people try to get rid of these by squeezing them. The area that extends from the corners of the mouth up to the top of the nose has a blood supply that moves toward the brain. In rare situations, infections in this area might travel to the brain. That is why it is important not to squeeze these, especially when they are red and hard.
This . This is a common location for acne, impetigo, or folliculitis. If it doesn't resolve on its own, treatment options would include topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, injection with steroid, or possible oral antibiotics. A dermatologist should be able to evaluate this lesion and discuss options if it is one of the above diagnoses. I hope that helps.