What is the longest period of time, that a women hasn't had a period? Meauring in days, what is the longest a women can go without having her period? When she has a period every month.

I'm . I'm not sure i understand your question. Are you asking whether going for a long time without a period is physically possible? The answer to that question is absolutely: women can go for years without a period while using certain types of birth control, and many women who are competitive athletes also go for many with their own bodily hormonal system preventing periods. Are you asking how many days late a normal period can be without indicating menopause or pregnancy? The answer to that is hard to say, because periods can be irregular, especially as one nears menopause. A woman approaching menopause can go for several months with no period and then have one (and find herself pregnant). On the other hand, a young, sexually active woman with regular periods who is just a few days late should probably take a home pregnancy test. Certainly she should do so if she's missed a period entirely.