Purple under tongue followed by yellow and orange diarreah in the morning and spotting brown for half a month now hi. Well im only 21 and I just started having symptoms this morning...You see last night I ate chicken cor don bleau sumthn like that and wha

Purple is normal. The purple under the tongue is from veins near the mucosal surface and is normal for that area and is likely not related to the spotting or other gastrointestinal symptoms. Consider food poisoning as a possibility as well.
It . It sounds like you are dealing with a few separate issues here: #1- the diarrhea was likely secondary to bacteria from undercooked chicken. This usually passes fairly quickly. If it persists for more than a week or you develop fever, blood, or parasites in stool, see a doctor immediately #2 purple discoloration under your tongue could have been from something you possible ate, or even a vitamin or medication. If it is still present see your doctor #3 abnormal bleeding- first and foremost you need a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant than your irregular cycle may be due to hormonal changes, stress/anxiety, or fluctuations in weight. If you have not had a history and physical in the past year, it may be a good time to schedule a visit and address your issues. Best of luck.