If a diabetic person as a blood sugar content of 417 if given alcohol could be fatal to his health. Like causing death. He have been felling sick for a couple of days then I check his blood sugar and he was 417 then he drink some rum after a few minute

Diabetes and alcohol. As you probably know his blood sugar is very out-of-control. Whether or not he would die from alcohol he should not be drinking any alcohol. It depends on what kind of diabetic he is;yes some diabetics could die with that blood sugar. He needs to be under medical care if he isn't.
I . I want to be very specific in addressing your question, to insure you know that i can not tell you the cause of the man in question's death. The best way to determine cause of death is by an autopsy. Here is some general information. Usually a blood glucose level over 400 is considered a medical emergency. Alcohol contains sugars. Thus ingesting alcohol can increase blood sugar level. When a person's blood sugar is rising over 400, their risk for developing a diabetic coma or death increases.