The hospital say my brothers are busting ok my brother is 57 an had another stroke monday the 16th an was put in hospital well friday morning he was unresponsive to anything they went down his throat an said his artie was busted they fixed it an now its b

It's . It's difficult to know exactly what's going on here. Strokes don't really go together with bleeding from vessels that you would find by going "down his throat." if the procedure that found the bleeding vessels in the neck was endoscopy (a camera through the mouth), then the bleeding could have been from an artery in an ulcer or from a dilated vein. If your brother has no history of liver disease, then bleeding from a vein is less likely. On the other hand, if he does have liver disease, then he may have abnormal blood clotting ability, which could cause both bleeding from veins in the esophagus and potentially bleeding into the brain. If the procedure that found the bleeding vessels was an angiogram (a small tube inserted through an artery in the arm or leg), then he may have aneurysms, a vascular malformation, or a dissection in the vessel wall that could cause both the local problem and the stroke. That's about the best i can do with the information provided.