Child has a round thing in her skin by her jaw. It moves around around when we push it and gos into her cheek. What is it? Should we be worried? We can't tell what it is, it causes no pain but it is rather large. Since it moves around so much when we tou

There. There are many different things this could be such as a lymph node (though location seems unlikely), lipoma, salivary stone or parotid mass. It is hard to say without examining her or imaging whether it is concerning or not. You should have her see her doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist for an evaluation. They will be able to tell you whether it is of concern and what your next steps should be. Good luck!
More info? How big is it? Where is it located? By your description and the fact that there is no pain, it probably is not a deep structure that is infected (like the parotid gland). However, the duct from the parotid gland (stenson's duct) terminates in the cheek near the upper molars. It has an opening with tissue surrounding it, and if you push it will "go in" but will not hurt. This could be "it".