My anus has been extremely irritated the past week. I've tried lotion and stuff but nothing seems to work. Help?! for the past week the skin around my anus has been very dry and sensitive and itchy as well as my anus itself. There has been some slight blo

There . There are a variety of possible reasons, from yeast infection to a possible fissure or tear. You should see a general surgeon, proctologist, or colo-rectal surgeon.
The . The peri anal dermatitis may be related to external hemorrhoids. It may be difficult to clean after a bm in that case the scrubbing as well as a wick effect for mucosal secretions from the rectum cauuse the irritation. If the external hemorrhouids are not to be resected than another cream can be helpful that is bacteriostatic as well as it promotes healing. It is called silvadene. If that is not helpful there may be a fungal dermatitis and then Lamisil (terbinafine) cream is effective.
Of . Of course it is almost a guessing game without kn owing more about your history and without a physical exam. If you are older it may be appartial rectal propapse and whern walking the mucous membrane that is very sensitive pouts and results in the discharge that is actually clear mucous. The tissue is fragile and bleeds easily making the spotting on the toilette paper. A prolapsing internal hemorrhoid can result in the same symptoms. See your pcp and get a referral to a colo rectal surgeon or proctologist.