I need an advice I had a shoulder dislocation about 4 months ago and I did all my therapy then I was released to go back to work with no restrictions so I start working as before with no pain and lifting heavy stuffs up to 123 pounds.......Well sometimes

Beware . First dislocation? If this is first dislocation at your age might be ok after rehab. Avoid rotating arm backwards. If goes out again likely needs MRI and possible surgery. It is more important the position or movements you make that determine the stability of the shoulder.
It's . It's important to communicate your concerns with your doctor before making your decision. Shoulder dislocations can be successfully treated through either therapy/home exercises or surgery depending on the specific factors associated with each case. The ultimate decision on surgery should only be made after you are comfortable with your surgeon's recommendation. How did your surgeon decide on surgery? Was it based on symptoms that you reported (i.e. You still feel your shoulder slipping out of joint)? Xray or MRI studies that were ordered? Or his exam of your shoulder in the office? Often a key factor in deciding on surgery is how problematic your shoulder feels despite good, non-surgical treatments. If your symptoms are relatively infrequent or not very limiting to your daily life, it may be reasonable to try a repeat course of therapy or perform the exercises at home on a consistent basis. If your shoulder continues to feel unstable or starts to be very limiting or more painful then surgery is a reasonable option. In the end you must be comfortable with your doctor's recommendation before proceeding with surgery.