How can I make time to breastfeed?

Baby needs to be fed. Breastfeeding won't typically take that much more time than bottle feeding-- and you don't have to mess w/ cleaning bottles, making formula, etc. Either breast or bottle, you've got to make the time either way. So if possible, do what's best for your baby and yourself: breastfeed.
Keep a schedule. Whether you are working or caring for your other children, keeping a schedule is your best bet for managing breastfeeding. The baby's hunger patterns dictate timing of feedings. Babies need 8 to 12 feedings in a 24 hour period initially. Let your other house duties go a bit. If you are working remember it is your employer's responsibility to give you breaks for pumping! Be persistent!
Anytime is good. At first your baby will be in a mode to feed on demand so you will have some difficulty making any kind of consistent schedule. As she gets older she will adapt more easily to a feeding schedule that you create depending on your day.