I just woke up and I have this horrible pain in the lower right side of my back, I just puked and I don't know what is wrong. I'm only 19 and I do not recall hurting my back at all recently.

We . We are seeing kidney stones at younger and younger ages. "flank pain" can be a sign of them and they will hurt enough to make you vomit. There are portions of the bowel in that area as well and serious conditions such as appendicitis and bowel obstruction can present with these symptoms. If it hurts enough to make you vomit, you should see your primary care provider or go to an emergency room.
This . This sounds serious. There are many different things thhat can cause back pain, and vomiting. To figure out what this is from, you're going to have some more information. First, are you still nauseated or vomiting? Is any part of your belly or back tender? Do you have chills or a fever? Does it hurt to go to the bathroom? Does the light bother your eyes or do you have a stiff neck? Do you have any pain shooting down your arms or legs? Do you have any difficulty breathing? Did you vomit because of the pain, or some other reason? Was there any sense that you were dizzy or that the room was spinning when you threw up? If you answered yes to any of those, you should seek medical attention. On the other hand, if the symptoms have gone away, or if you feel better now and think it was due to something you ate or drank the night before, then i'd hold off unless it gets worse again, or if your symptoms don't go away completely in 24 hours. Good luck, and let us know what happens next.