What tests should my husband get for tb? I recently read the who article about the inaccuracy of the TB blood tests. If there are such misleading results, what kind of test are people who may have TB suppose to get? My husband was vaccinated in portugal

It is getting better. The tuberculin skin test is usually, but not always, positive after bcg vaccinations. The blood testing, such as quantiferon gold, are usually not positive after vaccination. The blood tests are getting better also. Blood testing is recommended by the nyc doh bureau of tuberculosis control. By the way, there are still some surviving TB expert docs out there. Use them.
Unfortunately . Unfortunately there is no screening test that can be done with any accuracy after having the bcg vaccination. If he ever has signs of active TB he should go to the emergency room right away. A cxr will show active tb. The symptoms to look out for are: fatigue/weakness weight loss fever night sweats coughing (possibly blood) chest pain shortness of breath i hope this helps. Take care.