I've been place on 2 high blood pressure for about a week, the issue is I am having a lot numbness last year I had an head injury at work. On my left sid near my temple. Was treated at urgent care, and was told that the pain should go way and it"s gotten

I understand. That you had a head injury last year and that you've had headaches that have progressively worsened. Progressive headache associated with difficult to treat high blood pressure would be a reason for neuroimaging. (To exclude sub-dural hematoma)
If. If you had head trauma and your pain is worsening you need to have a follow up visit with the doctor that treated you. If it is a workers comp. Case you need to go back to the assigned doctor that evaluated you initially unless instructed to do otherwise by your hr department. The numbness points to a possible neurological issue, which could be related to your high blood pressure. You will need a complete work up including a ct scan of your brain. Best of luck.