How is asthma genetically transferred in families I am doing a report for biology and I need to know how asthma is genetically transferred

Complex. The genetics of asthma is very complex and this disease is not inherited in a simple mendelian fashion like sicke cell or von wildebrand's disease. There are probably dozens is not hundreds of genes that have been identified that have been linked to asthma.
Not necessarily. There is a lot of debate on this topic and the verdict is not yet in. Though there is a family link to certain types of lung disease, asthma is still up in the air. I would check with the american thoracic society. You will find links to other information sites. You may also like to check the cochrane collaboration and teh cdc chronic diseases section. Good luck.
While. While we do know that asthma runs in families, there many other complicated factors that affect whether a person will develop it or not - many of these are still unknown! We do know that if one of your parents has asthma, you are 2-3 times more likely to develop asthma yourself than someone whose parents do not have asthma. If both your parents have asthma, then the risk of you having asthma is 8 times more. I hope this helps.