How to get a marijuana percription/license in maryland need the steps

Marijuana . This question came up on my screen maybe you don't understand that we are limited to 400 characters / question how could anyone possibly answer your question? I would suggest going to the government website and call the general information number for maryland and they will probably give you the answer. Good luck.
Currently, . Currently, you cannot obtain a medical marijuana card in maryland. Maryland does not have a state identification program or registry system for medical marijuana patients. The darrel putnam compassionate use act addresses cannabis use in maryland. It does not legalize medical marijuana or provide a means for obtaining marijuana in maryland. It can be used as a defense in court for patients using marijuana for medical reasons. If you can successfully prove during trial that use of marijuana is for documented medical purposes, the maximum penalty allowed is a $100 fine. It is recommended that patients keep copies of all documentation they have related to their status as a medical marijuana patient. I am not a lawyer, so i cannot provide legal advice. To find out more about the bill to establish a registry system in maryland you might wish to use the ask a lawyer section of avvo.