Why does workers comp take so long to set up a 2nd opinion appointment? I was referred to a surgen that said I need a 3 level cervical fusion. Workers comp has informed my lawyer that they want a 2nd opinion before approval. It will soon be a month since I

Common. Unfortunately, the worker's compensation system commonly has many delays in treatment. I doubt that these delays are by accident. Hang in there.
You . You need to direct this question to your workman comp organization.
Workers . Workers comp cases in most states need to go through a separate review process called utilization review. In addition the case manager or claims reviewer needs to approve it and they need to have some other physican who will agree to do the second opinion appointment. Its can be frustrating but keep in touch with the physician you saw and try to get in touch with the claims adjuster or case manager. Sometimes a friendly call and reminder may get things expedited.