My thighs hurt along with my lower back. Any suggestions? I have scoliosis

Stenosis? People with scoliosis can have many of the same degenerative conditions as people without. I would get checked out with symptoms like that, depending on your age you could have a problem with narrowing of the spinal canal or stress fractures in your low back (spondylolithesis).
With . With the limited information provided, and no way to exam you physically, your thigh pain could be related to your lower back problem. You mention scoliosis. Was that diagnosed as a teenager or as an adult? Scoliosis in the adult population can be a source of stenosis. Stenosis is a narrowing of the area where the nerve roots travel (it may be from sources other than scoliosis). Stenosis can be a source of back and leg pain. It may also cause numbness, tingling, weakness, or any combination of those findings. Seeing an orthopedic surgeon who can determine whether or not your back/leg pain is from scoliosis is most important in terms of deciding on treatment. There are numerous treatment options but they all depend on the source of pain.