I am 62 and my blood pressure is 155/90; is this dangerous I have been on lisinopril 10 mg, but don't want to spend $85 just for the doctor to refill my prescription

Your . Your blood pressure is high. If you don't treat it, you put yourself at risk of complications like kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, etc. It's not clear from your post whether the 155/90 reading is while you're on medication, but if so, then it's certain to be even higher if you stop. Talk to your doctor about other options for medication. Lisinopril is just one drug in one class of drugs used for blood pressure control. There may be other agents that will work for you and be less expensive.
HIgh blood pressure. You need to find a way to control your blood pressure. The higher your systolic bp, 155 in your case, the higher the incidence of cardiovascular and renal disease you will have. Those risks are heart attacks, strokes and/or renal failure. Lisinopril is generic and with your blood pressure so high, ask your doc about upping your dose to 40 mg/day. Money is important, what is your health worth?