I was wondering what these rock hard lumps under my armpits are? They are rock hard and kind of big this morning one of them broke open and now there is a small hole under my arm it was bleeding a little but I can see the inside of my armpit and I am wond

This . This could be many things including inflamed lymph nodes or hidradenitis suppurativa, a condition where one gets cysts and boils in the armpit, groin, and buttock region. Check out the link below for a picture of this condition. You should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. I hope that helps!
In . In the absence of more information, it is hard to tell. It could be a skin infection, such as hydradentitis, or it might be an issue with your lymph nodes. You should have your doctor take a look at you.
It . It sound to be hidradenitis, that is an infection of the hair follicule and the swet gland... Usually need antibiotic by mouth and local...