Bi-polar disorder I have bi-polar disorder. The type I have is rapid cycling. I am on no medication. I asked my therapist to try and see what works naturally first. He says he usually prescribes medication while treating this disorder. However he's w

I. I do not know of any foods that work as mood stabilizers. However here are some suggestions: first- a major issue in your healthy eating plan would be to avoid caffeinated food and beverages. This is a stimulant, not a good choice for a bipolar patient. Second, if you drink alcohol or ingest it in food- don't. It is one of the most harmful things you could do if you are bipolar. Third- studies suggest fish oils can help with brain function and behavior. Types of fish that have healthy fatty acids include: herring, mackerel, salmon, trout and tuna. Try to get at least two servings per week or you can consider omega 3 fatty acid supplements with your doctor's approval. Fourth: general health is important. So avoid large amounts of red meats. You can check for saturated fat and trans fat on food labels, as you want to try to avoid these. Avoid junk food (simple carbohydrates). Yes, that is right - no ho ho's, no ding dongs, no cupcakes. If you can't live without your sugar, at least keep it to a minimum. Eat a well balanced diet to include: fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Consider soy products and nuts as well. Now, with this said, the healthy eating is a wonderful start, but frankly, it will not serve the same function as appropriate psychotropic medications. If you do start medication you should avoid heavy salt use if you take lithium. Avoid high fat content in your diet as it can slow the absorption of certain medications. When and if you start medications in the future, ask your doctor if there are any specific foods that might interact with that medication. While you are adapting healthy nutrition, I hope that you don't forget healthy, regular aerobic activity. Yes, yes, that was a sneaky way for me to encourage you to exercise. Please do think about medications. The longer you have uncontrolled bipolar symptoms, the more it is damaging your health. Good luck on your road to greater physical and emotional health.
Regrettably, . Regrettably, there are no foods that are known to help people with bipolar disorder. A generally healthy diet with variety of foods, particularly fruit and vegetables is generally recommended for everyone. Bipolar disorder is a very serious condition and is usually treated with medications to stabilize mood and counter the extremes. Counseling is helpful along with the medication. Best wishes.