Tooth/gum abscess my boyfriend had a tooth filled before I met him. I tooth was abscessed and recently he lost the tooth. He tells me that the gum itself abscesses near where the tooth was. He has to drain it a couple times a month. This worries me an

See your dentist. Tooth/gum abscess should be treated as early as you can since most of the destruction can be reverse in the case of early treatment. The cost of treatment is also less expensive. Moreover, the tooth can be saved most of the time and thus eliminating the cost of tooth replacement. Abscess may come and go but the tooth will go after a while.
See Oral Surgeon. Drainage for that length of time after extraction is not normal. An oral surgeon will evaluate the problem and treat accordingly.
If . If he has a primary care doctor he can schedule a visit. If an infection is present his doctor can prescribe antibiotics. A referral to a low or no cost dentist can be given. Also consider contacting local dental schools for an appointment. I am not quite sure how far university of michigan is from you, but i know they have a dental school. Contact them; I am sure someone in their office can assist your boyfriend.