Would a torsoplasty give me a smoother shape than a lower body lift? My abdomen, thighs and hips all have loose, sagging skin, and I have very little muscle tone in my stomach area. I've recently lost over 100 pounds, and exercise isn't tightening everyth

Wonderful . Wonderful that you have been able to lose so much weight. Your question is difficult to answer without an exam or at least photos. A lower body lift generally will improve the buttocks and upper and inner thighs and less so the abdomen. I find that the abdominal area will usually be best approached with a circumferential abdominoplasty that will also help the buttocks and upper outer thighs to some degree. Most massive weight loss patients need several operations over time to achieve the very best results.
"The person within" The results depend primarily on your skin tone, amount of tissue being excised, your underlying muscle tone and the artistry of your plastic surgeon to reveal the "person within" as is the case for most patients with massive weight loss.
Terminology. A lower body lift can also be called torsoplasty, dermolipectomy, belt lift, or lockwood type 2 circumferential body lift (abdominoplasty plus posterior lift). The important thing is that your specific anatomy and location/amounts of loose skin should be expertly tailored to your individual needs. Your chosen surgeon should explain in detail just what/where/how much will be excised/tightened.
Which . Which direction to go really depends on what aspect of your body shape bothers you the most.That is the part i would dofirst.I tell all of my post bariatric weight loss patients this is a journey not a one stage procedure.If your tummy is your number one concern then that is where you begin the journey.Again congratulations.
Dr. . Dr. Kyllo has succintly answered this question. Your surgery depends on your pattern of skin laxity. Not all massive weight loss patients require they exact same sequence of surgery. Procedures can be designed to address your specific problem areas and may require more than one operative session. A circumferential belt lipectomy with muscle plication may be an great starting point but significant inner thigh laxity may require a longitudinal incision.