Is a compression bra always recommended during sports for those who had a breast augmentation with implants? I am considering breast augmentation with implants, is there a type that is recommended for someone who spends a lot of sports year-round running

Generally . Generally after breast augmentation, we ask patients to refrain from excessive exercise for a period of two weeks. After this you are able to return to most activities as long as they are not causing you pain. It is important not to mask pain at this point with pain medications but rather listen to your body as it tells you what it can and cannot do during the recover process. After two or three months your result should be fairly stable. We generally tell our patients to go out and enjoy themselves and live their lives to the fullest, after all, breast implants are supposed to make your life better, not confine you to living in a bubble forever. That being said, just as women with larger natural breasts benefit from support during vigorous, high impact activities, you may now find your self pleasantly surprised to be in the same situation. The short answer is listen to your body. If you find your neck, back, or breast strained by certain activities, then you should use a well fitted sports bra for those activities. Make sure it fits your new breasts properly without distorting them and never be afraid to ask your surgeon to double check the fit if you have any questions. Hope that helps!
Dr.s differ in Rx. Surgeons may vary in their post operative recommendations following breast augmentation. This may also vary with the size of the implant used. Fr larger implants, it may be adviseable to use a compression bra during high impact exercise activities.
No Specific Bra. Although there is no specific “recommended” bra for every patient who has undergone breast augmentation surgery, i personally recommend a well fitted sports for patients who are undergoing strenuous exercise/activity. Also, I do have concerns about specific exercises ( using the pectoralis major muscle) such as push-ups etc. During the first year after breast augmentation surgery.
No . No matter what type of implants or position of the implants, it is logical that an active lifestyle will be harder on the implants and possibly lead to an earlier failure of the implants. I recommend that a good supportive bra be worn during physical activity but this is mostly for comfort. I doubt that it will prevent any complications down the road. Generally, i prefer silicone implants. I think they are more durable and they usually feel more natural to most patients.
Women . Women who are very athletic will tend to use implants that are smaller than average. This will help the weight and impact on the support tissues when you are active. A supportive bra is a good idea to prevent bouncing and pounding of the implants in the pocket. The main goal is to keep the implants well supported and well located so you will enjoy your results for a long time. Make sure the "compression garment" does not pull the implants outward. Best wishes.
I . I think you should go with silicone.The question of on top or under the muscle depends to a large extent on how much breast tissue you have.With saline i routinely 95% of the time go under the muscle.Wearing a compressive bra while exrcising is your call.You won, t damage soemthing by not waering it.Ei.