Is this a cold and what should I take to help it? I have an on and off fever, it is hot when I breathe through my nose, I have fully lost my voice and when it sort of comes back it is cracky and only a few words come out. I sound like a serious smoker and

Fever /breathing. To comment specifically would not be correct it would be giving a diagnosis without examining or talking to you in-depth. Is such a situation as you describe from bacteria that would need antibiotics or is it viral or is it something much more serious?
Sore . Sore throat or laryngitis and nasal congestion are fairly common symptoms associated with many illnesses. Most of the time it resolves on its own without any other issues. Occasionally it can be due to something more serious that needs treatment. Reasons to seek care are: - any fever - since it could be strep and you can't tell without an exam/testing - if it lasts longer than 3 or 4 days - any difficulty opening your mouth - unable to swallow - severe pain - bleeding in the throat - redness or swelling on the outside of the neck - any difficulty breathing or noisy breathing in the meantime, taking Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen for pain, using a humidifier, drinking plenty of fluids such as hot tea/broth or cold liquids and a spoonful of honey can help. If you are not feeling better in a few days or have any of the above symptoms, give your doctor a call.