Punched in the nose. Few days later, numb when touched in certain spots, sharp pains, migrane, sore eyes. My nose still looks straight. But if you touch the nose right between the eyes, is where it will make the entire nose go numb. Sharp pains are on eit

Any . Any time you receive trauma to a bony area there is a concern for both soft tissue swelling as well as possible fracture. Fracture lines in general can be quite uncomfortable especially when manipulated. Soft tissue swelling can periodically leave areas of diminished feeling. In any event, if there is any concern, you are best off being seen by an ENT physician who can help guide you with a potential plan be it observation until the swelling goes down, the need for surgical manipulation, etc.
It . It sounds like you have a broken nose. You should see an ear nose and throat surgeon right away. You might need to have your nose realigned for it to heal properly.
The . The soreness around your eyes would definitely be consistant with a broken nose and/or other fractures of the bones of the face around your nose and eyes. The nose and sinuses and their thin bones surround the eyes, so any problem with the nose and sinuses can also cause pain around the eyes. If your vision becomes blurred, or if you notice increasing redness and light sensitivity, you should see an eye doctor to look for inflammation in the eye, which is called traumatic iritis.