How long does it take for ligaments to heal? I fell on my knee 2 months ago and was put in a knee immboizer and on crutches. The X-ray showed nobreak so the ER doc said it was ligaments. Mmost of the swelling is gone and the bruise is gone but there is st

Can . Can you afford to be crippled? You should be doing a lot better by now. This degree of pain is not normal. You need to be examined by an orthopedist and have additional treatment.There is a very strong possibility that you will require a knee arthroscopy.
Ligaments . Ligaments can take 6-8 weeks to heal but a completely torn ligament may not heal or heal in poor position. You need to see someone who understands these injuries at a level higher than an er md who may be fully correct in the diagnosis but can't offer u treatment.
Find . Find an orthopedic surgeon and get seen asap. Whatever it costs you now is trivial compared to having a stiff, painful knee that might not get better. At a minimum, get rid of the immobilizer and start bending your knee.