How long before returning to school? I am currrently looking into having a nose sugery. I was wondering how long will I have to stay home after having it done. When will I be able to return to school?

Usually . Usually you will have an external splint on your nose afterwards which is removed at one week. I typically tell patients that this is when they will be "ready for public viewing" in terms of swelling and bruising. There will still be some swelling that masks the final result but if anything the nose should look somewhere between where it started and where you want it to end up. Most of the issues (bumps, tip size) should be slightly to moderately improved at this point but still look fairly natural. The nose will continue to improve in appearance for up to a year, so patience is definitely required before assessing the "final" result.
While, . While, in general you will be physically able to return to school in 2 -3 days, most patients don't return until their splint has been removed. This is usually at one week. If you do have bruising, this is also the time frame that it typically resolves.
In . In general you'll have an external dressing/cast on your nose after rhinoplasty that normally is removed about 1 week after surgery. Most people are able to return to school or work after 7-10 days. There'll still be external swelling but the soreness is usually much improved by then.
How . How long you will be out of commision depends on exactly what you are having done.If you are having your bones broken then you will have a lot more bruising and swelling so your recovery will be loger.Also it depends on how sensitive you are to have people see you with soem bruising or swelling but overall i would say 7-10 days is average.