I am a 71 I have problems with my right shoulder for about a year I can't raise it over my head without extreme pain? I love to hunt and fish and over the past six months my shoulder has gotten worse. It is extremely painful to raise my arm any higher th

You . You are a good man caring for your disabled wife. You are 71 and doing all this physical activity has added extra loads to your shoulder. It is almost certain that you have a rotator cuff tear and probably a large one. The problem is not going to go away and is likely to get worse. You need surgery and will not be able to care for your wife for at least 3 to 6 months after surgery. Arrangements need to be made. Best of luck, don't wait.
Cuff tear. My only advice and two cents is seek out a fellowship trained shoulder specialist for your problem. Large cuff tears in your age can be difficult to fix and possibly not repairable. You may be better suited with discussion of a reverse shoulder replacement. Would not advise a partial replacement and if repair is advised would get second opinion to confer. Good luck. Indyshoulder.Com.