What should I do? I've been coughing up blood every now and then, also I get migraines and sometimes I get nose bleeds following the migraines. I've also been waking up in the morning dizzy and light headed and sometimes confused, what could that be?

Yes see a doctor. Maybe you have chronic sinus issues which might explain much of what is occurring, but the morning issues might suggest a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, or even a nocturnal seizure. You are complex and need help in both diagnosis and treatment.
See a doctor! Coughing up blood and confusion are serious symptoms. They could be warning signs of serious problems. See a doctor asap and get examined to find out what is going on.
It . It can be difficult sometimes to differentiate between blood originating from the lungs and blood from a nosebleed that you have swallowed and then coughed up. However, neither type of bleeding is normal, and the fact that you are dizzy and lightheaded suggests that you may be losing quite a bit of blood. You need to have your nasal passages evaluated for a bleeding source and also have your blood clotting factors measured. You should avoid Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents until you are seen. If you are on any blood thinners (like coumadin, (warfarin) enoxaparin, or plavix, for example), they are probably exacerbating the problem, but you should not stop taking them without consulting your doctor.