I have knot in my lower waist line area, about one and a half inches long. My doctor wants to remove it in his office without without putting me to sleep. It is about an inch down inside me. Should I go through this procedure, or get another opinion?

Whether . Whether this can be done in the office setting using a local anesthesia depends on location, the certainty of diagnosis, the skill of the surgeon, the general health and the pain tolerance of the patient. As this is one inch deep, 1.5 inches around, if totally in the subcutaneous area and not attached to underlying muscle, then it is possible that it could be taken out in this setting. However, if it is possible that this is a hernia, then it should be done in an ambulatory surgery setting. Clearly if you have a low threshold for pain, then you may want to discuss having this done in a surgery center using sedation or other anesthesia.
Whether . Whether or not it's appropriate to remove this lesion is something that you could certainly discuss with another provider if you have doubts about the plan. However, it seems like your concern is more about the lack of general anesthesia than the procedure itself. It is not uncommon to perform minor surgical procedures without general anesthesia. Instead, they use whats called conscious sedation (see the health guide on this topic at http://www.Avvo.Com/health-information/conscious%20sedation).
It . It sounds like you may have a benign fatty tumor under your skin. These are optional to remove unless it is causing you bothesome symptoms. If your question is primarily about the use of a local anesthetic in the office, then yes it is common to remove these benign lesions in the office with local anethesia. General anestheaia is usually not necessary for this unless you have significant underlying medical condifions with your heart or lungs that would need to be monitored closely. You can always seek another opinion if hou have concerns, or ask your family doctor regarding your surgeon's credentials.