"my lab report shows total bilirubin is 1.4, WBC is 3.7, MCH is 26.9, total cholestrol is 222, and LDL 136. What is bilirubin? Smoke - never alcohol - never age - 48 loss appetite weight loss nausea in morning

Bilirubin . Bilirubin is a normal breakdown product of the blood. It is excreted in bile by the liver. A level of 1.4 is slightly elevated, but not much so. A highly elevated biliubin would suggest liver disease. If alkaline phosphatase is raised at the same time, it's a sign of biliary obstruction. If the liver enzymes (alt ast) are elevated, it suggests inflammation of the liver.
Not . Not immediate concern, no, but your cholesterol and LDL levels are borderline high. Something to consider re your diet.