My husband has had cold chills, a high fever, shaking and numbness all over with a deep cough. Is there something he can take? He has had broccidis many times before

High . High fever and chills are worrisome for a serious infection (bacterial or viral). He could have bronchitis again or even pneumonia or the flu. The only way to be sure is to seek out medical care. It is possible that he may need antibiotics if he has a bacterial infection. By the date of this post almost a week has passed, hopefully he has improved or has seen a doctor by now. If not, he should go right away. Take care.
Evaluation . Please see your physician right away. He may have pneumonia, and for recurrent infections, an immune workup is suggested. A follow up imaging study is also suggested. Monitor and treat fever w Ibuprofen. Drink fluids and rest.