I have to replace my pain management doctor. He feels there is no longer anything he can do to help me with my pain. I am on kadi I am on kadian (time release morphone) and have been on it for years. The dose he has me at stopped being helpful several mont

At . At this point, you need to move forward to ensure continuity of your care. As one of the prior answers noted, if you start experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, you should go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center for treatment. If you are not safe to drive during such symptoms, you should call 911. At this time, the next step would be to get an appointment with another pain management physician for transition of your care. There may be other medication options possible, if you have demonstrated compliance with your medications to date and do not have any history of medication addiction. There may also be interventional options that may be applicable, depending on your history, exam and diagnosis by such provider. Some suggestions for finding a new physician: 1) contact your prior physician and inquire about names of other pain management physicians in the area that s/he would recommend 2) contact your insurance company for names of other pain management physicians in your insurance plan 3) contact your county health dept for recommendations of pain management physicians in the area 4) contact one of the area's major medical centers (i.e. Hospital) or go to the facility's website to find out if they have pain management providers on board you will need to contact the new provider to schedule your appointment. It would be in your best interest to obtain copies of your medical records from your prior practice to bring with you to your new office visit, so that the new physician has a thorough history of your treatments to date. In addition, for most pain physicians, s/he will not prescribe new medications without evidence from the prior treating physician of your compliance with treatments and also copies of prescriptions to confirm your prior medication dosing.
If . If this doctor has cared for you for years, then he/she has a moral obligation to treat you until you find another doctor. However if something went wrong in the doctor patient relationship he/she can refuse. Contact your insurance company for names of pain management doctors in your area. Lastly, if you go into withdrawals you need to present to an urgent care or an emergency room. Best of luck.
This . This is not a direct answer to your question. However, you are clearly between a rock and a hard stone. There are a number of physicians practicing medical acupuncture in this country. Many of the acupuncture modalities treat acute and/ or chronic pain effectively. Chronic pain may require a number of treatments. It is not uncommon for chronic pain patients to require lower doses of pain medication when acupuncture is used as an adjunct. This does not address your question about getting medication refills but since your pain has been recalcitrant to medications, it does offer you an additional option for addressing it.