How can I help my son who has terrible eye pain? He has depression and anxiety he I suppose inherited from his dad. I've taken him to eye doctors and also a neurologist. Had an MRI and shows nothing abnormal. Help! What can we do for him. I feel so bad f

Consider counseling. Iof doctors have been unable to determine the cause of his eye pain and he has depression and anxiety, consider a consultation with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to evaluate emotional factors.
Whether . Whether or not your son's eye pain is associated with depression and anxiety, i hope he is receiving help for his emotional symptoms.
This . This doesn't seem to be eye-related, btw, but just to make sure you need to take him to an ophthalmologist, ie an eye md, not an od, which is an optometrist who never went to medical school, if you have already, then it's not eye-related, may be psychological, seems like neurology has already ruled-out a neuro cause w the mri, make sure they check for dry eye syndrome as this is a frequent undiagnosed cause, but it doesn't seem likely, sorry i can't be of more help but based on what you're saying there is a 99% chance already this isn't due to an eye cause, it's due to a psychiatric cause (which is why something like being around people makes it worse).
Stress . Stress and anxiety often cause eye-related symptoms. Some patient experience pain, some have a pressure sensation, and some actually have changes in their vision. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that there is nothing actually wrong with the eyes themselves. To do this, you need to see a qualified eye doctor, preferably an ophthalmologist, not just an eye doctor. If his eyes are physically ok, then your family doctor may want to start treating the anxiety issues.