There is a weird formation in my ear. What do you think this is? There's no redness and it's been there for about a month. It just started hurting recently. It's a lump in the lobe of my ear.

Lump ear lobule. Lobular lumps are commonly one of two things- scar tissue or sebaceous cysts. With the recent history of pain. You can be developing an infection. See your primary care doctor for management.
Get it checked. I can't tell you what it is, but this lump has been there for awhile and is getting worse and becoming painful. It is time to see your primary care doctor and get it checked and find out and get the appropriate treatment..
Any. Any lumps or bumps that cause pain or progress need evaluation by a qualified physcian. It may very well be nothing, but may also require a biopsy. See a physician with some expertise in this area.