Wearing a different cloth every day what would be the medical explanation of wearing a different type of clothing - for instance a faculty wearing a different costume or a different dress each day - other that cleaning? Thank you.

Germs . Germs are passed on most frequently by contact. Changing clothes daily can help decrease the risk of transmission from person to person along with, of course, frequent handwashings. This is even more critical in operating rooms requiring clean scrubs for people to change in as needed.
Although . Although clothing is functional, it can also be as a form of self - expression. The fabric texture, the color and the design of the clothing all are expressions of the wearer. Have you ever noticed a person with a fiery personality that has an affinity for the color red? Or an individual who likes goth with an affinity for the color black? These are just a couple of examples. Clothing can also be used to help create an image: a business man in a gray suit, a seductive woman wearing a skirt with a slide slit or a hiker who wears clothes you might find in the "out back". A person who has a number of outfits may be fashion forward and may really enjoy their wardrobe. You referred to a wearing a different costume every day. Individuals who wear customs may do it for the fun of it or might find it a dramatic way to bring attention to themself. If you are really curious, you could always ask the person why they have such an expansive wardrobe. As a psychiatrist i could conjecture about this, but that person probably knows their own motives the best.