Why do I have to have somebody with me when I have a colonoscopy done? I am having a colonoscopy done this tuesday. And it tells me I need to have somebody with me. What happens if I cannot find anyone to go with me? I do not drive and will be taking a ca

The . The reason for having someone with you is that you will be getting sedation for your procedure and it would not be safe for you to drive afterwards. Most facilities also ask that you not take a cab or bus after sedation, though it can be argued that this might be overly cautious. You should contact the facility you're going to, explain that you plan to take a cab, and ask if that would be okay. They may ask you to sign a waiver of liability, but will probably be willing to go forward.
As . As with any procedure that requires sedation, it is wise to have someone with you. This is because you can be disoriented after the procedure from the sedation. The doctor can not assume that you will get to your destination after sedation. For this reason, we always ask that you come with someone.