Red, swollen, itchy eyelids. Is it dermatitis? Or something else? 34 male, n/s other wise healthy, not allergic, very rare seasonal. Every so often my lids swell up, get itchy, the skin gets a little peely. The doc gave me dermasmooth, and said I should u

Itchy eyelids. Your description sounds like blepharitis. I would try warm compresses and lid sctubs, frequent artificial tears, and fish oil supplements. If no improvement, go see an eye doctor.
It . It could possibly be contact dermatitis. The eyelid skin is thin and gets exposed to irritants/allergens by transfer from the hands (rubbing the eyelids). I would consider seeing your dermatologist who can possibly prescribe an ointment like desonide. Combined with cool compresses, that can be helpful. If not, consider allergy patch testing to see if there is a specific allergen that you are sensitive to. Read more about the true test patch testing at the link below.